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Stormwater Quality Concerns

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Pet Waste and Household Hazardous Waste

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Our Stormwater Management Program

Explore interactive maps and read about water quality findings across the State of Texas and in your area.

View interactive urbanized area maps for your region to determine which areas are required to comply with MS4 permitting regulations.

Utilize this link to submit a copy of your construction site notice/NOI to Brazoria County to satisfy the MS4 operator notification requirements included in the TCEQ Construction General Permit No. TXR150000.

About the Coalition

The Brazoria County Stormwater Quality Coalition consists of Brazoria County, City of Lake Jackson, City of Freeport, City of Alvin, City of Angleton, City of Richwood, City of Clute, Velasco Drainage District, Brazoria Drainage District No. 4, Brazoria County Conservation and Reclamation District No. 3, and Angleton Drainage District. The Coalition was formed in February 2008 as an effort by the members to assist one another in complying with stormwater quality regulations established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.